Where Does European Democracy Support Funding Go?

Explore funding data on who gives and receives European democracy support, with transparency on both donors and recipients, as well as categorised spending areas.

Our online data tool visualises democracy support spending from European institutions and European donors for the period 2014-2020. This tool uses data recategorised by the European Democracy Hub team, focusing on 12 key core democracy support areas: Civil and Political Rights, Civil Society Support, Civic and Political Education, Electoral Assistance, Election Observation & Follow-up Missions, Justice and the Rule of Law, Media Support, Parliamentary Strengthening, Political Participation, Political Party Support, Political Inclusion, Transparency & anti-corruption. All figures are displayed in USD millions.

All figures are based on recategorised data extracted from OECD (2022) Creditor Reporting System, Government and Civil Society, general 2014-2020. It has been recategorised by the European Democracy Hub team. The focus of this data is core democracy support. For more information please reach out to Evelyn Mantoiu at evelynmantoiu@epd.eu